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blessings of good tidings or karma? [i]

one of the seemingly impossible things for me to do as a pastor is to get people out of the church or to just think outside of it. all i am asking them to do is simply live like christ – to give their lives away. simple huh?

well at the very least do good. sometimes it may seem like everyone else but the church might be doing more good even if it’s under the guise of good karma – that is, goodness will somehow be returned to us.

with shows like abc network’s extreme makeover home edition the good-looking do-gooders build homes and attempt to restore the social fabric of the nation’s communities. similarly last month on the view, rosie o’donnell gave away a new home, car, and other things to the coalminer couple david and mary from cbs’ reality show, amazing race for being so friendly and polite during the competition. rosie asked them to pay it forward by giving their current trailer home away. they also received a vacation cruise package from rosie’s travel company. the couple asked if they could bring their very giving cohorts, the cho brothers from the competition along with them. what loyalty! on a side note – the asian american representatives on cbs’ reality shows are really making their mark for asian america.

the cho brothers said they were on amazing race not for the money but the experience. they wanted to play the game a certain way, of which what makes them who they are. a good reputation triumphed over a million dollars, because “you can’t buy that back” they said in an interview. speaking of good karma, they have a company that spreads good karma –

whatever the motivations are, people are doing good. we need that in the world. we need that from the church. shouldn’t it shame us who are in the church?

people usually respond, “we can’t.” or “it’s too expensive. it’s not practical. it’s just a few people. the needs are too great. and will they believe in jesus afterwards? how will we share the gospel?”
gag me.
our view of God is far too small and our view of ourselves too great.
sometimes we dishonor God most because our vision and dreams are so small and insular.
Lord, let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

more reality tv.
yul kwon on survivorsurvivor has also been great to watch this season.
it may have started off cheesy with the failed pitch that ethnic teams will be competing.
it’s like the battle of the races. it was interesting to see what kind of individuals would make up the asian team. it was actually very difficult for cbs to find asians for the show.
the season quickly took a turn for exciting as mutiny created a good guys vs bad guys feel. it also became more interesting to watch because an asian male clearly emerged to take the lead to becoming the lone survivor.
Yul Kwon is the man! no HE IS “MAN” – that is, one HOT ASIAN-AMERICAN STUD! he’s got the body. the looks. the cool. and of course the most coveted, the resume.

go yul go!

last note:
wassup with all the korean representation? not that i’m racist. just curious.
the cho brothers on amazing race are korean. i don’t think anyone on the asian team for survivor was chinese.
so where are all my chinese peeps? out of sight or passe?

well, it appears to me that koreans and korean evangelicals are by far surpassing us right now.
there’s a new good read out – Korean American Evangelicals: New Models for Civic Life
perhaps some of us need to get off our high horses. aite. ~ nuff said.


[american born chinese pastor]
seeks to be that third place for those who are american born chinese [abc] in ministry.
here we may explore issues unique to the chinese church and doing ministry in that context
expand the intersection of asian american culture and christian faith
or simply expose what goes on in the mind of this abcpastor

this may be a bit ambitious or even naiive but i do hope that through the posts we can bring together different faith communities, passions for the advancement of the Gospel and the equipping of the body of Christ.

if you are an abc pastor or have any suggestions or would like to contribute to make this space evolve, just comment.


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