Apple Love Is In the Air

Apple Macbook Air

First of all this is not another post about what new cool product Apple released that I can’t wait to get my hands on. As if the blogosphere needs another one. But I will attempt to take another look at all the wonder in Apple technology.

The world seems to stop momentarily for Macworld. Apple just has that magic.
They’ve got mystery and they usually don’t let people down. I admit my heart didn’t flutter as usual from the revelations made today but how can you follow up from the iPhone? The truth is you can’t. As much as we’d like Apple to do it over and over again. There is a time for everything. This is a year where Apple is still innovative and leading change. They are leading a revolution. Macworld’s mantra, “there’s something in the air” is more than just about the new MacBook Air, it’s about a wireless revolution.

So Apple revealed possibly the thinnest notebook on the market, the Macbook Air.
Sexy as usual. That’s what Apple does best. They are without doubt the ultimate purveyors of cool.
I was hoping for a very small and portable alternative to my MacBook Pro. But I don’t know if this is it. It’s definitely not priced right for me as with many of Apple’s products…just starting at 1799.00
But here’s the sexiness anyway. . .
• A 13.3in widescreen display and .76in thin at 3lbs.
• The option for the much desired solid state hard drive.
• A bright and efficient LED display which means longer battery life

What else is new? Movie rentals. Apple TV2. Somewhat exciting updates particularly because the Apple TV wasn’t the typical Apple success story but they are still pushing it. Why? It tells us something about the direction of Apple and the times we now live in. Apple is in pole position and not as a computing company. It’s no mere competitor of Microsoft, formerly known as a software company. And what’s to come of Microsoft with Bill Gates is on his way out? Why is it time to retire? I’m genuinely happy about that and not in that sinister Mac kinda way. I really admire the man because he’s focusing on something more important. Last week’s CES (The Consumer Electronic Show) may give us some clues as to how the times are changing.

“This was the year of “anywhere, any time” fever, when Hollywood‘s output—along with Web information and the personal stuff we generate ourselves—gets distributed and subdivided so we can amuse or inform ourselves at any time or place.

In the new age, users won’t have to worry about where content comes from or where it’s stored. Everything will just work, and now can be supercharged by the interactive and social nature of the Net.” – Steven Levy

The challenge is to get it all working smoothly and of course wirelessly. Who better does that than Apple? There’s something in the air indeed. They were the first to implement the new wireless standard (802.11 N) in its products. Insert the iPhone, Apple TV. Apple TV2. iTunes movie rentals. Apple has a very large bullseye on it like never before because they’re investing in something central to the American soul – Entertainment. They’re putting it wherever you are. Your computer. Your phone. Your iPod. Your TV. Anywhere, any time.


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