China: The Largest Christian Nation…In The World

Many folks have long considered America to always have been and still is a Christian Nation. Now there are many arguments surrounding that. One can argue about our values being much closer to those of the Bible than other countries. Others would argue, what semblance of biblical literacy do people still have in the most literate place on earth? Many are just referring to the sheer number of people who call themselves “Christian”. We then ask how many of those are true believers versus being culturally Christian? Well for sometime now the experts have been keeping their eye on countries like Africa, South America and of course China because of the massive number of “conversions” reported. The axis of faith has shifted to the margins, to the poor of this world. Forget the West and the idea that America is still the center of God’s redeeming work the Holy Spirit is vibrant in these other parts of the world. They are doing “more” than we are. Their numbers inrease daily. They are developing strategies to reach other parts of the world including the US. The Spirit moves with or without us. Let’s just focus on China for now. Right now, it’s somewhere between 80-100 million Christians and growing rapidly. If we simply consider mere numbers China would be the largest Christian Nation in the world by mid-century according to experts.

Looking merely at numbers and their implications, Michelle Malkin posted her find on the rapid rising of christianity in China – 10,000 Christians a Day

Ten thousand Chinese become Christians each day, according to a stunning report by the National Catholic Reporter’s veteran correspondent John Allen, and 200 million Chinese may comprise the world’s largest concentration of Christians by mid-century, and the largest missionary force in history. If you read a single news article about China this year, make sure it is this one.
I suspect that even the most enthusiastic accounts err on the downside, and that Christianity will have become a Sino-centric religion two generations from now. China may be for the 21st century what Europe was during the 8th-11th centuries, and America has been during the past 200 years: the natural ground for mass evangelization. If this occurs, the world will change beyond our capacity to recognize it. Islam might defeat the western Europeans, simply by replacing their diminishing numbers with immigrants, but it will crumble beneath the challenge from the East.

Rabbit Trail:
Commentary from Asia Times, Christianity finds a fulcrum in Asia
Original Source, The Uphill Journey of Catholicism in China

What is God doing in China? What are the implications? Numbers are what people think about first and most. It’s really much more complicated by that. This year actually marks 200th anniversary of the first protestant missionary to China, Robert Morrison. Missions to China actually goes back before Morrison to the 1500s with the Jesuits and prolly even before that. The process of the work of God in China has shown us many things not only about missions but the growth of the church (i’d rather not say church growth) and personal discipleship. It has caused us to reconsider our methodologies and even our securities.

Christian Statistics (according to Adherent 2005) – Top 10 Largest National Christian Populations

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2 Responses to “China: The Largest Christian Nation…In The World”

  1. August 8, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    Malkin has a good point. Another way to look at it is that America is rapidly approaching where Europe is right now; many countries in Europe (Spain is a particularly good example) are currently Christian deserts. Churches are closing their doors and the number of practicing Christians dwindles.

  2. August 9, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    What you pose is an interesting thought. What the gospel preaches is something that gives hope, gives substance. To a country whose morals and ethics smother its citizens, Christ has appeared to them. Everyone can believe, everyone has the will to. Though most won’t truely walk in the path of the One, to walk in the straight and narrow path. For those who have seen misfortune and lived through deep earthly troubles, I believe has a more approachable path to Christ. For those whose lives are simple and humble and just truely lives out humility. It is much easier for those who have nothing to recieve everything from Jesus. From personal relationships I discovered in my own weakness, in the good times I rarely cried and just poured out my heart completely and utterly in mourning to Jesus. But it was in those times of sorrow and loss, where my own life was crashing in and as if no hope appeared, that little book with the letters B-I-B-L-E always appeared, and always brought solace. The US is blessed beyond its imagination, and yet it asks for more. I love the United States, and its principles. But often times, leaders would follow rather their own heart whilst others, who follow them believe in the principles. The press estimates that in the decades to come, the Christian population would dwindle down to 10% of the world population from its (around) 30% at this current time. This is a sad note which befundles me to my heart. Being a Christian myself, my heart tells me that, as long there are those with open hearts and open minds then more lives can be brought to Christ. But now, as Chinese Christians are growing and facing persecution in China, whether it be publicly declared or covertly plotted, all of us must pray. For while we, in the US have religious freedom, those in China, have much less on every scale. It is amazing to see how God works, not just in the grand scheme of things, but in every grain of sand, in every wild flower, and even in the palm of your hand. On the humourous note, its funny to think that in a land of religious restrictions, where the government in the head of the Catholic Christian Church, that the number of underground Christians are growing exponentially.
    God Bless

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