South Korean Hostages? Who? Wha?

South Korean Hostages Picture Found on BBC
i’ve been closely following through eugene cho’s blog the events surrounding the south korean hostages taken by taliban militants. i’m troubled by the 12+day situation but lifting up prayers nonetheless. however what is more maddening is that the coverage of this tragic news is practically silent amongst u.s. media and by evangelicals overall. the hostages are missionaries in central afghanistan as aid workers, a brave group of 23 souls. is this not newsworthy? so far 2 hostages have been brutally killed. e.cho’s blog is one of the few resources tracking the situation in the blogosphere and helping us all realize the severity of it all. i hope this post will also bring some greater awareness to the situation that will result in prayers rising up like incense and action that will bring these people home.

as for me i will continue to read, pray, prepare messages, conduct meetings from the comfort of my air conditioned office in philadelphia. i’m not saying that what i have to do here is unimportant. i’m very grateful that e.cho and others have helped me see outside of this box but sometimes reading news like this makes me feel like some of the things we do pastorally is just frivolousness and sitting here behind a screen, well i’m just helpless to do something…helpful. i’m not as engaged as i’d like to be.

some informative links
bbc international news

some links to help us process
next gener.asian church
daniel so

controversy. i guess we need other viewpoints.
time.com article on camcorder missions? i don’t know even how to begin thinking about this one.
i think i’m just mad now. but i do think that this will spark a greater discussion about missionwork.
the question raised by time, “is it worth the risk?”
next gener.asian church has a discussion going on about it.

read this post from tentmakersbytrade.com the silence in the Godblogosphere is deafening expressing the outrageousness of the current cares and silence from the Christian community.

south korean prayer


2 Responses to “South Korean Hostages? Who? Wha?”

  1. 1 Don
    July 31, 2007 at 12:26 pm

    Thanks, LT, for the thoughtful post and prays. I appreciate link back to my post.

    Nice to see someone else who is a bible nerd, mac evangelist and a fellow Pennsylvanian (from the other end of the state).

    Interesting Blog. I’ll add it to my reader.


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