my response to mark o

Dear Mark,
Like many who have already spoken, I thank you. I deeply appreciate your heartfelt contrition, your agonizing over the issue and prompt action. It helps more than many realize. I do believe that you understand some of the struggles of the plight of many silent voices and troubled hearts including my own. Those who know you and have spoken about your character in these comments only accentuates your integrity here.

We do need each other. Should we not be open to correction? Should we not make right what is wrong? Are we not to drop everything even the act of worship to make right what a brother may have against you – whether they deserve it or not? As painful as this has been I believe this was a step for all of us towards becoming a more redemptive community.
your brother,

Laurence Tom


2 Responses to “my response to mark o”

  1. March 12, 2007 at 5:28 am

    it’s all very encouraging. time will tell how we grow from here.

  2. 2 L T
    March 13, 2007 at 5:43 am

    Yes! Thanks E Cho! I agree it was very encouraging. The exposure to the strugles that Asian Americans face with this material and other things is good. I don’t think it was outrageous. Taking a stand for the right things is needed but how do we do so in love? That’s just not easy.

    There were some who voiced, “why the big fuss?” Why can’t people focus on certain other things or why look for something negative to complain about. I don’t like to complain nor do I believe Soong-Chan sought to. We do need to make right what is wrong, elevate life and lift people out of whatever oppressive state they happen to be in.

    Update. It looks like the recent comments on Mark O’s blog is taking a negative turn.

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