even NYC gave respect. (the empire state building was lit red)
i know this is a unusual post here but you gotta understand. but i guess it’s also tough to understand if you didn’t attend RU. if you didn’t attend this fine higher education establishment, it’s quite ok. just don’t be hatin. these are the days i would love to be in jersey. to join all the excitement. though i’ve been very much out of the loop with regards to sports. i’ve been waiting for this for a looooong time. . all i gotta say is that i’ve always been a believer. you may have heard me speak very highly of RU and the state of new jersey. i’ve even said many years ago…in 5-10 years rutgers will have a bowl game…they will have a national championship. NOW BELIEVE!

this original post time was 1am. what was i thinking? excited? oh yea. watch the highlights.

i’ve always believed that jerzee was one of the most strategic places to be and being by RU undoubtedly the best place to be in the whole state. it is a place of complete tension. it’s diverse and yet very segregated. it’s old and new. it’s got money and poverty. all the action and all the love belong to new york city or philly. it needs to see something happen. it needs people who make this place their home but know their place of rest is somewhere very other.

Coach Schiano, a true believer. . .
There was a great article in the NYT about a man and his dream. For all you philly folk, Schiano was an assistant coach at our beloved Penn State with JOPA. While coaching there, he said that his dream job was RU. RESPECT.

“A lot of people don’t think of New Jersey the way I do,” Schiano said. “They like to make jokes.”

People need to love NJ. Christians need to love Jersey.

If one guy can do something so miraculous with practically the worst football team in division 1-A…what would happen in a place where a community of people excelled in what they studied, where they worked and lived but were something else so radically different about them? why not?

i miss new jersey. whowouldathunkit?


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