jayden :: the man, the boy, the name

welcome home…

jayden nathaniel tom
we’re certified.
officially home with the munchkin. total hours of sleep since monday night? 7 hours for mum and dad.
nobody ever tells you just how hard this is. well, it is just about the hardest thing i know. just to give you all an idea, since most of you shouldn’t have any kids yet. we feed him about every 2-3 hours, even throughout the night, or whenever he wants. diapers are easy, except when there’s something else that’s making him uncomfortable. what that is exactly, is part of the game. breaking baby code is the key to success. or maybe not. what does this cry mean? how’s this different than the last time? when he’s uncomfortable he looks completely miserable. it’s kinda heartwrenching, surprising, and funny all at the same time. last night he learned how to really scream, like a banshee.
even with all that our son is a real hoot. he’s our boy.
babies sometimes remind me of monchichis. jayden may not have all that hair but he’s got these great cheeks.

behind the name ::.
it’s funny how everyone has been in suspense about the name. we decided not to tell people because of the reactions that we would potentially recieve, not that we care what most people think but after the 30th time…
for example, we told one of the receptionists at the hospital when being checked in and she was like oh, sure, yeah ok, right, with this unassuring look on her face. at that moment lauren and i turned to each other signaling our acknowledgment that this is the reason why we waited not to tell.

here’s some etymology: jayden or its derivative, jadon, can be found in nehemiah 3:7
jadon (yadhon, thankful, perhaps “he will judge” or “plead”) helped to rebuild the wall of jerusalem in company with the men of gibeon and of mizpah. he is called the “meronothite” which also means “joyful shouter”. jadon is the name given by josephus (Ant., VIII, viii, 5; ix, 1) to “the man of God” from judah who confronted jeroboam as he burned incense at the altar in bethel, and who was afterward deceived by the lie of the old prophet (1Ki. 13).

according to one site that tracks baby names, it means, “God has heard”. jaden also ranked 83 in 2004 for top 100 names for boys according to the us census bureau.

nathaniel means, “God has given us” in hebrew and is also one of the 12 apostles.
altogether, very fitting for our boy. he is our praise song.

thanks everyone. we are so overwhelmed by all the love that we’ve received. you all rock!


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