my himalayan journey ::.

Put Mt. Everest (28 deg North) at the latitude of Mt. McKinley (63 deg North) in the United States and it is likely that no climber would ever have been able to reach the summit breathing the natural air. Everest would feel, physiologically, as if it were an additional 3,000 feet higher. The air would be so thin that even the best climber would have no choice but to use supplemental oxygen. Why? Because of the many factors which affect atmospheric pressure. – [Nova Online]

i love adventure and challenges. sometimes i forget my limits. most often i probably forget that i’m human and in desperate need of God. it’s easy to forget that by his grace alone our eyes crack open upon waking and we gasp that first conscious breath of the day.

i’m trying to finish this year out with my studies. graduation is set for may 14th, 2005. i’ve been in this program for 6 years. classes are harder than ever. i could have received 4 masters degrees by now. i’d be in a great deal of debt, but nonetheless.

some of us have or are about to reach the age of…30. that’s when jesus started his ministry right? the 30s are a peak age. gasp. i’m losing my breath just thinking about it.

3 years of planning for CMC2004 is about to reach its peak. plug: CMC is dec 26-30. register! i had a good team to start with and like any climb we’ve lost some good people along the way. jah bless them. we’ve got some wallpaper 1(1280×960) | wallpaper 2(1280×960) for you.

at these atmospheric pressures, i need God like oxygen to simply survive. in these conditions climbers get mountain sickness where the brain swells, confusion sets in and hallucinations are likely. it’s easy to lose myself, my sense of direction right now especially as i try to figure out where do i go with all this training, preparation, and climbing.

help me promote cmc2004 would ya? you can grab the promos posted in my previous posts as well as this one! click. download. spread the joy. spam your friends.

CMC2004 :: ACHTUNG is the uth program of a major mission convention dec 26-30 at valley forge, pa [right next to king of prussia mall]. we gather to netwerk with other like-minded individuals. get hooked up with different mission agencies and organizations. invade the inner-city for some hands on projects. lissen to God. figure out what u might do with the rest of your life. so give us your attention.

ACHTUNG! DEFINED :: it means, ‘Look out! Take care’ usually in the presence of danger. in German, achtung is not just an exclamation, it is an ordinary noun too, meaning attention, esteem and respect. it belongs to the family of words derived from acht , which means attention, heed and consideration. our hope is that God will get your attention at CMC2004 and draw your heart toward his mission in the world. you will get an honest look at what scripture really says, who are the unreached as well as who the poor, the fatherless, the widow, and the alien and where they are. we will get a tight look at injustice. we want to connect God’s voice to your world and challenging you to do some peer-to-peer thinking about God, the stuff that’s messed up here and the lifestyle choices you make every day.

word of the day ::.
schadenfreude \SHAHD-n-froy-duh\, noun :
A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.
Schadenfreude comes from the German, from Schaden , damage + Freude , joy.. It is often capitalized, as it is in German

happiest birthday wishes::. to my lovely wife, lauren.


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here we may explore issues unique to the chinese church and doing ministry in that context
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