great fear ::.

“the fear of the Lord – that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding” – job 28.28

i’ve been trying to grow in the fear of the Lord over the many years i’ve been a christian and i’m still a-slow coming. i used to fear people and things much more than almighty God. i realized, isn’t there something wrong with that? i mean, God is “God” (with mouth open wide and shoulder blades touching). there are many times when he reminds me that he could have at any moment taken my life. i’ve brushed shoulders with death many times over. each time i feel as though i’m a cat on my ninth. in getting close to death you realize what’s really important and start being bold about it. well, what does the fear of the Lord look like so we can live it? it is — loving good and hating evil (proverbs 8.13). it is trusting and obeying. listen to the persuasion of proverbs:

those who fear will fear nothing else (19.23)
it adds length to life (10.27)
it’s a secure fortress for the one who fears and for their children (14.26)
it is a fountain of life (15:16)
it brings honor (22.4)
it should be praised when we see it (31.30)

can you imagine if people truly hated sin, shunning all that is evil in ourselves and others? so that when we are hurt by others, we could cover the sin in love and humility or confront the other person in the same spirit. people would be listening to one another and asking forgiveness for their selfishness. imagine how many marriages would be saved. we would see beauty and goodness in everything. we would be living grace. we’d act upon injustice. as people experience revewal at summer retreats, too often the mountain-top experiences are quickly run-over-run-down by the forces of the world…God is once again diminished in the mind. we become like peter who stepped out of the boat, experienced the amazement for but a moment of vividly walking in faith and then seeing the wind became afraid and began to sink.— what do you fear?
resource: when people are big and God is small by ed welch

more fear ::.
“they told me there’s nothing out there. nothing to fear. the night my parents were murdered i caught a glimpse of something. i’ve searched for it ever since. i went around the world searched in all the shadows and there’s something out there in the darkness, something terrifying, something that will not stop until it gets revenge — me.”
batman begins summer 2005

infernal affairs ::.
so scorsese’s at the helm. the title is, “the departed. the gangs are irish. matt damon is andy lau. leo dicaprio is tony leung. hmmmm… [source]

summerend ::.
i’ve layed off blogging for awhile because i’m in classes again and have had some busy weekends like all-day joy at shakespeare in the park (thanks kirbs & co.). but there are still some things i’ve got my sights fixed on for summer’s end.

bebel gilberto, aug 16, at joe’s pub (this is a wish)
going to jazzfest in chicago labor day weekend (fo’ sho)
visiting lil dan in chicago
getting a light fixed at my mom’s house
seeing a good friend on tv
one more day at the beach
re-reading the new testament in nasb
spending more time with the youth group
planning cmc2004


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