guys lose | girls seriously confused

guys lose | girls seriously confused ::.
lauren and i were watching the ncaa div1 lacrosse championship game between syracuse and navy this weekend and it was fantabulous…go orange for claiming their ninth title! syracuse was the school i dreamed of playing for. people wonder why i love blue and orange? lauren having such a tender heart went aginst me and rooted for the underdogs. boo…hiss…

but while switching between channels, an interesting if not mildly disturbing commercial rolled. it was the new cali-girl barbie commercial where she disses ken and goes for some new guy. you can decide who barbie will date

recently, the new barbie image had a more sex in the city type flava and her boyfriend was expected naturally to be metrosexual. barbie and ken broke up last february after 43 years. the couple’s “business manager,” russell arons (vice president of marketing at mattel) hinted back then that the separation may be partially due to ken’s reluctance to getting married. another possible factor is barbie’s career.

that’s a potent statement. art imitates life here. i guess it’s a reflection of the times and attitudes toward relationships. but the question really is what does this really teach young girls? does this perpetuate even more brokeness in their future relationships?

messed up barbie ideas while researching ::

1. BOBBIT BARBIE (with knife, Ken had better watch out)

2. BARBIE BROWN SIMPSON (slashed neck and bloody body, carton of Ben & Jerry’s

Cookie Dough included)

3. DIVORCED BARBIE (comes with all of Ken’s accessories)

4. TEENAGE SINGLE PARENT BARBIE (“welfare check” from Mattel mailed each month)

5. CRACK ADDICT BARBIE (pipe included, sugar may be used to simulate crack cocaine)

6. BOULEVARD BARBIE (with cheap makeup, short skirt, and high heels)

7. LESBIAN BARBIE (Barbie with a butch)

8. LIPSTICK LESBIAN BARBIE (actually no different in appearance from regular Barbie)

9. ANOREXIA BARBIE (no different in appearance from regular Barbie)

10. BRUNETTE BARBIE (the only Barbie with a brain)


12. BOW-WOW BARBIE (the ugliest Barbie you’ve ever seen)

13. PUNK BARBIE (has rings in all sorts of strange places)

14. FEMINIST BARBIE (has unshaved legs and armpits)

15. BATTERED WIFE BARBIE (comes with a restraining order to serve to Ken)


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