More Humility

we face secret battles from the moment we wake to the time we lay back down to complete the day. on this side of heaven will be a constant one war. every day i face a battle within me between humility and pride. will i exalt myself or humble myself before an audience of one? i fail almost all the time.

truth be told i often find myself easily caught up in wanting to be recognized especially in ministry by older leaders. since a tender yoot with my only-child syndrome, i clamored for the recognition and praise of those older authority figures rather than my peers. little boys love to show off but i’ve made it an art. i feel the need to be one up on the next guy. i will exalt myself when my insecurities are threatened. but being one in Christ, i need to go low and even lower.

“humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”{1 Peter 5:6}

a humble cry ::.
i’ve got wizard needs food badly by five iron frenzy on the brain.
what a great 80s child song about husband and wife relations, or boys and their toys (it never ends), ahh the sacrifices of marriage…i’m so blessed that my wife lets me play video games. she’s so patient and gracious. to my socom2 crew, this one’s for you

I know that you’re probably mad at me. I’ve come to expect that. You know that you’ll never have all of me, you’ve come to resent that. You say “tomato”, I say “video games”, you’re acting so solemn. You’ll take the precious remote control from me. Do I sound like Gollum? (It’s) not that I’m escaping, you charm me like the flame does moths, it’s just that you’d prefer me docile, like a narcoleptic sloth.

The wizard needs food badly, the Voltron can’t be incomplete. The things I love, you hate so madly, I must not go down in defeat.

In the hunter-gatherer societies, I’d bring home the bacon. Public thought says men should try and be tame, stirred but not shaken. I say “baseball” then you start to cry, I’m sorry I grieve you. I think a motorcycle’s a good way to die, this must bereave you. I know that you try so hard, and I’m not saying it’s a sin, it’s just that they don’t feel my pain, in Vogue or Cosmopolitan.

And I’m sure you have your reasons, but listen to me please… I want the G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu action grip. I want Nintendo with the extra-graphics-microchip. Tackle football with rocks, and sticks, and knives, and pain… I want a truck with the four wheel drive train. You’d rather see me get good at bookkeepping, I could clean house in the time that I’m not sleeping. I live to serve you, and I don’t want to be rude, but you should see that the wizard needs food!!!!!!

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check out god checker, a frequently updated encyclopedia to the gods.
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