dreamlife ::. i recently had this strange dream th…

dreamlife ::. i recently had this strange dream that has got to be the worst thing that can happen to anybody longing for a restful night of sleep. i rather have nightmares. wait, maybe it was a nightmare. regardless, there i was sitting in a red room with just me and a proctor taking an exam??? i just sat there reading through all these crazy questions that i now have no recollection of and fumbling to fill in the correct answers. the tension was all there. it went on for hours until i actually woke up to go to school to take a real exam. well it is exam time afterall. blessings to everyone finishing up school. 1 down, 2 more to go.

. . .

pipe dreams and hospitality::. remember crush from finding nemo? well lauren and i are convinced we’ve met a real life version this weekend. scott is a totally blond crush surfer dude whom we met through our friends from hawaii who are stateside this week.

hospitality / to behave in a warm way and manner and to entertain with generous kindness /again and again, we are continually blown away by chad & kim koyonagi’s kindness to us. remembering everything from birthdays to anniversarys, holidays..etc. they’ve got this koyonagi aloha thing. they were so quick to embrace us into their lives and have taught us alot about hospitality. everytime they’ve come to visit us when we should be showing them hospitality we feel more like they’ve welcomed us. and we have yet to go to hawaii.

many of our friends, especially those who live at a distance {& you readers of course}, always find a way to bless us. thank you thank you. i feel like we’re such bad friends in comparison especially as ones who are compelled by the love of christ. chad and kim have told us that they think we’re two of the nicest people they know, we’re glad that they do notice a difference in our lives. well it’s not us but yes there is a difference in us. we were just two lost individuals saved by Christ.

i cant wait to hit the hawaiian beaches with scott one day and crush some waves. we had a good time walkin through the legendary brooklyn banks and just rememberin the days of old. here’s one for you sk8ers. the banks.

here’s some links to help you waste time on the web ::.

how about a real-life game of pacman? students at nyu simulate a real life game of pacman on campus. now why couldn’t we think of that when we were kids? it’s amazing what your college education can produce…

. . .

my dear friend is living her dreams out as designer, photographer, aspiring actress…i’m so proud of her she’s about to launch her amazing line of…sexy fab glam gear for the kitchn or wherever life happens…the point is look fabulous… sign up for the launch growwl. more power to the housewife.

. . .

better than teddy ruxpin…it’s a plush mp3 player

. . .

major league lax :: jun 5 baltimore @ new jersey…anyone wanna go? or just play?


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