love…actually ::

love…actually ::
thanks to all you who have blessed me and lauren on our special day through words of encouragement and love. we truly love you, our friends, and wish that we would have more time to spend with you, and more love to bless you. this week will have passed with seeing some good friends from both near and far, celebrating having each other in our lives. these are the best type of weeks. it’s my last week of classes too so i can soon breathe easier.

two years ago on this day…i declared my love for one woman. life took on new meaning and direction. we are a testimony that love is not just about the good feelings and floatin on cloud nine. but rather, “i do” means making harmony out of the dissonance in our lives and world. who would ever put two people like us together? only love reconstructed in his image born in our hearts. now, i know 2 years is not really a significant mile marker but in the statistics of our day, it’s practically a miracle for two broken individuals like ourselves. i celebrate daily. i still..do.

cloud nine ::.
some believe that cloud nine was derived from the us weather bureau. according to them, clouds are defined by an arithmetic sequence so that level nine is the very highest cumulonimbus cloud, which can reach 30,000 or 40,000 feet and appear as glorious white mountains in the sky. therefore, if you were on cloud nine you were at the very peak of existence.

taking this illustration a little further, severe weather systems can be directly associated with cumulonimbus clouds. violent updrafts and strong winds along with the amount of precipitation involved with these clouds make them very important to the meteorology community and the safety of the general public. intense cumulonimbus clouds that contain wind shear in a deep layer and strong convection usually produce severe local storms. the summer season in the central united states experiences more intense cumulonimbus storms accompanied by the violent and destructive forces than any other region of the world. tornadoes form from the most intense cumulonimbus clouds.

yeah..marriage can sorta have those moments too.

btw ::. good reading…found a great blog that celebrates marriage in a hostile world…the happy husband

more love ::.
we saw 13 going on 30 on a date night. it was a much needed fun movie after a string of intense real life drama and revenge movies. it’s no “big” but was greatly enjoyable. kinda like a cross between big and some teen movie. but hey it’s jennifer garner.

plus…love actually comes out today on dvd ****

. . .

love and congratulations to our dear friend, “dr” ku. what a journey brother.
. . .

the pepsi itunes give away will expire at the end of the week…get your tunes on.


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