can you guess what class i would be in with terms thrown around like frictivization? labial stop? universe of discourse?
frictivization has something to do with air flow.
so these random thoughts came to mind today.

::. krispy kreme doughnuts are formed from dough extruded by air pressure to form a perfect doughnut shape. the doughnut “hole” actually doesn’t exist at krispy kreme.

.:: krispy kreme gluttony ::. the power of the ring…the one ring that unites all men. the fellowship is irresistable…sooo bad for this time of lent. but the other night some of us enjoyed three dozen krispy kreme donuts. there’s still 5 left. if you didn’t know, there is a special running where you get a free dozen of original glaze with the purchase of one sampler dozen… not like we have a krispy kreme store anywhere near us in jerzee but thank God there is one right next to school for me …**sigh**

::. another krispy kreme fun fact: in about 22 seconds, krispy kreme stores can produce enough doughnuts to make a stack the height of the empire state building.

::. a reminder to read your bibles today and be thankful that you can hold God’s word in your hand. this week is the anniversary of the first printed bible –the gutenburg bible. on march 22, 1457 the bible was made available through the new medium of the printing press. this is also significant event for graphic designers especially those in a program right now. do u see how important your work can be in communicating God’s good news to the world?

observation:: is this not the most opportune time to have spiritual conversations. . .ever?
over the last several weeks we have witnessed a swirl of events of a spiritual nature. the passion of the Christ. the debate of gay marriage. a recently new reality show called forever eden on fox that bluntly states the one ‘force of nature’ that people did not factor to their success on this show (or rather in this life!), that is, human nature. excuse me but has there ever been a more blunt explanation of sin? also a couple of weeks ago, abc aired judas which originally was scheduled to be shown a year ago but was pulled because it was labeled too controversial. i watched a portion and it was painful, painfully awful. quite a contrast from the passion. . . it was quite passionless. it was everything mel sought to undo. bad hair. bad acting.
“Later, Jesus asks Judas to handle his money, saying, “I’m no good with money. Whatever I have, I tend to lose.” In another scene, Herod refers to John the Baptist as, “a pain in the ass.” It’s enough to make one long for Aramaic.” – from Andrew coffin, world magazine review

.:: on heavy rotation ::. joss stonedeep dish grooves…she’s one to watch especially if you’re tired of pop tarts. she don’t go that route so check out her cover album the soul sessions… a 16 year old white girl from the uk with soul. dang. just close your eyes and lissen…whowouldathunkit? what does a 16 year old know about singing these deeply experiential songs along the rhythms of life from legends like aretha franklin, the isley brothers among others…? well, she does a phenom job.


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