completely…off ::

alas… the sense of completion and simultaneously completely off. finished my exams and papers. sent out some cards. got some gifts. paid some bills. watched return of the king (what an emotional trip…it fininally comes to an end). spent time with timmy buying more gifts. there’s a sense of great accomplishment when getting someone a good gift. i didn’t think there could be more to this week. but now grappling an announcement of a sudden death of a colleague. mcing a youth outreach tonite. attending a wedding tomorrow. all in a matter of a short period of time. sigh. what a week.

what i’m looking forward to:

– – all u college students coming home

– – christmas eve service

– – visiting family

other things to look forward to:

– – studying hebrew again during break

– – taking winter classes immediately after new year’s … can you believe it’s almost 2004???

here’s some random knowledge discovered in my brain’s time off

(i always try to provide the best material for my readers) ::

…did you know that cockroaches get arthritic with age? no joke. elderly cockroaches get arthritis and become confused and prone to wandering thanks to case western university research. jon kwok and alumnus be proud.

…for you high school seniors… did you know that mary-kate and ashley olsen got accepted and will be attending nyu next semester? sigh.

…5500 people stood on line at the opening of the apple store in ginza, japan. yes, behold mac users, it is asimplymazing.

…”correlation does not equal causation” says my friend e. after we were contemplating an intellectually titillating study revealing that women with bigger breasts being actually smarter was featured in the entertainment news of yahoo.

“Dr. Rossdale measured the busts of women in Illinois, Kansas and Ohio and then divided them into five categories: Extra-small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large. These categories roughly corresponded to commercially available bra sizes, A, B,C, D and DD or above. She then gave subjects in each category a standard IQ test and found that women in the Large and Extra-large category scored an average of 10 points higher than women in the Small and Extra-small categories. Medium-sized ladies had a three- to four-point edge over the flat-chested group.”

can it be? observing comments made by jessica simpson we have to wonder. ok that was a little bit mean…i listen to her and i have a moment like, “you’re cute but i have no idea what you’re saying” (when marlin says to squirt in finding nemo) – unfortunately, there is no truth to this report as many guys would love to believe (giving us reason to raise our standards perhaps?)…it’s just a made up story from the trustworthy folk of weekly world news.

…holiday traveling nightmares. for those of you going on honeymoons or a little south… if you really have the stomach or if you’re an avid fan of the alien trilogy check out this true story. beware.

to everyone taking finals and writing their last papers — finish strong and rest easy


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