i see stars ::

seasons greetings. yeah so we got snow. lots of it. it was fun when we were kids. but it still is a breathtaking sight for sore eyes and sorer bodies. anyhow it’s been a rather eventful weekend for us. in reading some xangas the two most blogworthy topics since friday are about snow and the last samurai. so y b different? here’s my divergence discourse.

trekked out to see last samurai opening nite thanks to kirbs.
despite a chinese take-out feel it is somewhat stirring and does resonate with certain ideals in my life.

what stirred me ::
– tom cruise getting his — kicked … not that i’m being mean-spirited
– samurai vs. ninja … booya … when was the last time we saw that?
– honor esteemed
– the quiet pure love and noble character of a woman is irresistable … and yes those eyes
– correct military strategy
– choosing your destiny

katsumoto: you think a man can change his destiny?
cruise: i believe a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.

good schtuff…the paths we choose may ultimately reveal how we decided to live, what we trusted in, what we love. our hope.

it’s always unboring times with my sister e. so we’re having brunch and a waiter wants to know what signs we were. earlier he made it very known that he was very interested in hooking up with a virgo who according to profile are very sexy individuals. funny being e’s a virgo.

we find out more about our waiter. he checks his horoscope everyday through some astrologist who happens to be right on the money all the time. the lady at the next table perks up and wants in on this amazing discovery. it was great just chatting with her, she let us know about her faith and together we delightfully conclude that God simply wants us to trust him alone. but it’s interesting how people put their trust in the stars, psychics and what not. it’s been going on for ages and the bible doesn’t deny it happening. it’s understandable that people want direction for their lives. we want to know what will happen to us today or tomorrow and knowing if by chance it is gloomy we hope that we can perhaps change the outcome. it’s our plight for security. but having a misplaced trust is living in fear.

explorers depend on the north star when there are no other landmarks in sight. it has guided sailors for centuries. many don’t have a north star for their lives. meaning that we live with no vision or expectation of how our lives ought to turn out. we’re so lost. we’re misguided and drowning in this culture and we don’t even know it. our navigation is dangerously way off because of a misplaced trust.

a relentless trust in God and his word washes away fear of the unknown and provides peace in troubled times. we can walk on and face difficult circumstances to the point of death because of what we know about God. if our view and understanding of God is small then problems seem much bigger than him and we will act as God determining our own course. we would then need not celebrate xmas for it is the revelation of the hope and assurance of our faith. it’s a truly beautiful time. we celebrate because we trust.

“heaven holds my heart i feel it… the palm of your hand against mine… and I never wanted more than this. you promised this time will be alright…i see stars every time we kiss.” the violet burning

ever wonder what happened to mase from p.diddy and the family? remember how he found God and left the biz. he def changed his destiny…call him the rev dr mason betha. as much as i love the man, his ministry is all prosperity gospel


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